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guia completa fiesta en barco

Meet the complete guide to a boat party

Meet the complete guide for an amazing boat party. Just rent your luxury yacht in Marbella and the rest we’ll tell you!

Complete guide to a boat party: Plan your party

First of all to make your boat party unforgettable, you have to plan in advance, so you and attendees can organize and not miss the event of the year.

You should know a series of tips to rent the right yacht for your boat party.

Set a budget: define how much you want to spend for your boat party according to the needs you consider.

Theme of the party: whatever the theme of your boat party make it coherent with the decoration and music. Giving it a theme will make your party an unforgettable experience.

Hire the necessary services: decide if you need catering, music, decoration, etc. Hiring a Dj is key to creating a good atmosphere for your party. Whether you hire a DJ like if you choose your own playlist, you should consider whether your guests are satisfied.


Send invitations: send invitations well in advance and be sure to include all important information. Send invitations: Send invitations well in advance and be sure to include all important information.

Necessary authorizations for your boat party

Organizing a party on a boat requires a series of authorizations to make your event legal. Depending on the legality of the place, it is convenient to know the local regulations, their possible time restrictions and the navigation rules that will be included in your party.

Tips for your boat party

Before you start planning your event on the sea, we give you a series of tips that complete this guide for a boat party.

Weather: know the weather that will make the day you make your party by boat. Make sure it makes good weather so that everything you have prepared doesn’t fall apart.

Catering: to avoid problems, know if any of your guests have allergies and take into account their preferences and dietary needs. There are some rental yachts that offer this service.

Safety: make sure there are enough life jackets and that your guests know the safety rules.

Ideas for your boat party

Having a boat party offers multiple alternatives:

Birthday party: if you want to celebrate your birthday on a boat, a good idea of themed is to make a costume party.

Bachelor party: say goodbye to your bachelorhood with a good party on a boat that will be unforgettable.

Corporate event: surprise your employees or customers with an out-of-the-ordinary corporate event, navigating the waters while enjoying an amazing experience.


At Offshore Marbella we want to make your boat party a unique event. Contact us and we will give you the information you need.