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como planificar excursion en barco

How to plan a boat trip? Find out!

The hot season brings with it days with many hours of sunshine to enjoy with friends, especially if you do original, fun and/or relaxing activities, such as a yacht ride along the Costa del Sol.

To carry out this activity successfully, it is essential to carry out prior organization, but… How to plan a boat trip! At Offshore Marbella we recommend you discover it below. Continue reading!

Tips for planning a successful boat excursion

If among your planes you find sailing on a luxury yacht along the best coasts of Spain but you don’t know how to plan a boat trip… You are in the right place! Follow the tips that we propose and everything will turn out as you wish.

Organize the trip with time

During the summer, many tourists choose to visit beach destinations and, in these highly sought-after places, one of the favorite activities is yachting. For this reason, if you also want to enjoy experiences of this nature, we recommend planning and booking your trip in advance.

Investigate time and tide

Despite the fact that the weather is always radiant in the destinations of the Costa del Sol, it is important to investigate beforehand what the weather will be like and how the tide will be for the day of the boat trip. This fact will be a guarantee that everything will be perfect.

Plan water activities

Since you are doing an experience on a luxury yacht, plan other water activities to make the day even more fun, such as: Snorkeling, diving, swimming, fishing, rafting, etc.

What to carry out a boat excursion? This question is one of the most repeated. For this reason, we will use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, sunglasses, light clothing, a hat, insect repellent and anti-nausea medication in case someone in the group gets seasick.

Sail on a luxury boat along the Costa del Sol with your friends

You already have all the details to know how to plan a successful boat trip, but do not forget the most important thing… Renting the yacht!

At Offshore Marbella we have a wide range of luxury boats for you to enjoy with your friends in style: Bandido Yacht 90, Mangusta 80, Princess F70, Azimut 58 fly, and many more.

Contact us now to book or to receive more information!