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alquiler barcos para fiestas y eventos

Our boat rental service for parties and events in Marbella

If you are soon thinking of organizing a celebration in style with your family, friends or work colleagues, we suggest our boat rental service for parties and events in Marbella!

This is an exclusive and fun service, in which you will enjoy sailing the Costa del Sol with a top quality yacht. Of course, you will have to take into account the number of people who will go on board to choose one boat or another.

Why rent boats for parties and events?

Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, a bachelor party, a special occasion, among others, renting boats for parties and events in Marbella is an excellent option! And why we show you below:

A unique environment: The sea

You will enjoy a unique environment sailing through the sea. Its breeze, its smell and its views leave no one indifferent. For this reason, there is no better setting to celebrate and connect.

You can do nautical activities

Another reason is that nautical activities can be carried out, activities that will make the event even more special. Some of them are diving, snorkeling, paddle surf, fishing, among others.

You decide where to go

When you rent boats for parties and events in Marbella you decide where to go, being able to plan the routes in advance. At this point it should be noted that you can choose to rent a yacht with crew or you can take yourself, as long as you have the corresponding certificates.

It is a private space

Possibly, you want your event to be intimate and personal, right? On a yacht you will have these requirements, since it is a private space where you will only enjoy with your guests.

Affordable prices

Finally, we want to mention the prices. These are usually affordable, since despite being a luxury boat, the total amount to be paid can be distributed among all attendees.

How can you hire our boat rental service for parties and events?

As soon as you see our yacht catalogue, you will surely be encouraged to rent boats for parties and events from Offshore Marbella! They are spacious, comfortable and aesthetically perfect.

To find out more information on this matter or to contract our service, the best option is to contact our team so that we can help you and advise you as you deserve. We will gladly do it.