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vacaciones en velero

Sailing holidays, enjoy exploring the sea

Sailing holidays offer you a unique experience full of freedom, adventure and connection with nature. In this article, we give you a series of steps to plan an unforgettable sailing holiday, from choosing the perfect destination to selecting the ideal sailboat for your trip.

Plan Your Sailboat Holiday

Before embarking on a wonderful sailing holiday you must consider a plan so that everything goes perfectly.

Create an itinerary

When we talk about sailing, we are referring to moving from one side of the sea to the other because of the waves and the wind. Therefore, what we mean is that you will not be able to control the weather conditions that occur during your trip. Also traveling by sailboat is much slower than traveling by motor boat, so we recommend that you prepare your itinerary. In this way you can calculate the navigation time and the different possible routes.

Check the weather

As we have said before, we cannot control the weather, but we can prevent bad weather. We recommend that before embarking on your sailing holiday you review the maritime forecasts of the day before and consult it during sailing. Before boarding you can check the weather at the port office and ask for advice or doubts about the sailboat you are going to rent. Finally, you just have to check the route and make sure that everything is well prepared for the wind, waves and everything that may arise during the trip.

Get a good control of the sailboat

If you are responsible for driving the sailboat, you must ensure the safety of all people on board. Also, it is important that you thoroughly inspect both the inside and the outside of the sailboat with the person who rents it to ensure that you have all the inventory.

Documentation for your sailing holiday

When we travel on the sea as we do on land, it is important that you have your identity card in force. If you are a European citizen and you are going to travel through Europe, you only need to have your ID. However, if you are traveling outside, you will need to have your passport and visas in order. If you are the driver of the sailboat make sure you have the liability insurance to stop at the ports.

Pack your bag

If you have not yet prepared your suitcase for your sailing holiday, we tell you what luggage you will need.


Wear comfortable clothes and especially waterproof, wear cover shoes to avoid unnecessary slips. Don’t forget to take some sweater or jacket, as there may be cold moments. Wear a pair of gloves, a hat and don’t forget your swimsuit.

Tips for your sailing holiday

Before you cheat on this incredible trip we give you a series of tips that you have to take into account to make your sailing holiday the best.


  • Collect basic information about the ports where you will make your stops. Also, research the routes to take into account the possible obstacles you may encounter.
  • Boat trips are a unique experience that are often accompanied by possible dizziness. We recommend that you have medicines on hand to prevent this type of problem.
  • During these trips mobile coverage is zero, so we advise you to identify places where there may be coverage for specific cases.
  • Sailboats are small boats, so maintain order and cleanliness to avoid stress.

Having a first aid kit on hand is always important in case of an accident during the trip.