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consejos navegar en invierno

Follow these tips for sailing in winter

A few days ago, we published an article on why sailing in winter, in which you were able to verify that renting a yacht in the coldest months of the year, in addition to being possible, has many advantages. Today we want to go further, at Offshore Marbella we want to offer you a series of tips to navigate in winter, all of them very useful and effective.

Are you interested in meeting them? If so, read carefully to the end of the text.

Tips to navigate in winter

Many sailors choose winter to go out to sea, since there is no saturation of boats, jet skis, the water is calmer, it is cheaper, there are more yachts available when renting, among others.

However, if you decide to do this practice in this season of the year, you should take into account the following tips for sailing in winter.

Check the status of the boat

The first tip for sailing in winter that we provide you is linked to the revision of the boat. It is important to check in advance that everything is working properly and that you have all the necessary material on board to avoid unforeseen events.

Look for the sailing day forecast

It is also essential to look for the forecast of the day of navigation. In this way, you can prevent going into the sea with storms of heavy rain and wind, which would be an inconvenience.

Choose properly the clothes you are going to wear

Choosing the right clothing is a key point. Try to discard garments with thermal, waterproof, breathable and absorbent fabrics and materials. Similarly, it is also advisable to dress in several layers of clothing.

Bring hot food to combat the cold

Last but not least, another winter sailing tip is to pack hot food to beat the cold. Opt for stews, broths, soups, hot drinks, among others.

Now that you know the tips for sailing in Winter, rent one of our yatchts

 What do you think of the tips to navigate in winter? At Offshore Marbella, as a company specialized in charters, we consider that they can be very useful for you.

So the next step to start your adventure at sea is to rent one of our wonderful yachts available on the Costa del Sol. Some of our proposals are: Bandido yacht 90, Mangusta 80, Princes F70, etc.

To obtain more information on this matter or on any of our boats, the best option is to contact us so that we can advise you in a completely personalized way.