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These are the types of yachts you can rent

Sailing through the sea surrounded by your family or friends is an experience that you must live at least once in your life. Currently, there are several types of yachts that you can rent depending on your preferences and needs.

From Offshore Marbella we show you below.

What kind of yachts are there for charter?

There are several types of yachts for charter, each designed to meet, as just mentioned, individual needs and preferences. The most common are the following:

Motor yacht

The motor yacht is characterized by its speed and comfort. They are ideal for those who want to travel long distances in a short time and with all the necessities on board. They usually have a large deck for sunbathing, a kitchen and sleeping cabins.

Sailing yacht

Sailing yachts are propelled by the force of the wind and are slower  than motor yachts. They are perfect for people who enjoy the sport of yachting and want to experience the thrill of sailing with nature. They usually have a large deck and a spacious cabin to relax.


Catamarans are yachts that have two parallel hulls instead of one. They are ideal for those who want greater stability in the water. This type of charter yacht usually has a deck, kitchen and bedrooms.

Luxury yacht

These yachts are the most luxurious and elegant. They offer an exclusive and refined browsing experience. They are equipped with the latest technologies and amenities. In addition, they usually have a crew on board that takes care of all the needs of the guests.

Fishing yacht

As the name suggests, these yachts are designed for those who love fishing. They also have the necessary equipment to perform this action and offer a spacious and comfortable space to relax after the activity.

Rent one of these types of yacht on the Costa del Sol: The luxury yacht

In our company you can rent luxury yachts in Marbella to live a unique experience on board. We have at your disposal a wide variety of boats, with different characteristics, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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