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que se necesita para alquilar un barco

We will show you what is needed to rent a boat

As we have been saying on other occasions, one of the best experiences you can do with your friends and/or your family is to spend a day on a boat. Sailing is a very fun plan, but it is not something that is done every day, so it is normal that you question what is needed to rent a boat.

At Offshore Marbella, as a boat rental company in Marbella, we are experts in this matter, so we are going to give you all the information you need so you can live this maritime adventure.

What is needed to rent a boat? Important aspects

If you have come this far it is because you are interested in knowing what is needed to rent a boat. For this reason, and because we do not want to make you more, we show you below:

Contract clauses

When we rent a boat it is essential to carefully look at the clauses of the contract, in this way we will avoid any misunderstanding that may arise.

Insurance and VAT

It is also essential to check that VAT is included in the price and that passengers are insured.


Normally, if a company rents you a boat with fuel to be able to navigate, it will most likely have to be returned with a full tank.

State of the boat

Before setting sail, it is essential to observe all the details of the boat, and in the event that there is any type of damage or lack of inventory, it will have to be discussed with the company. In this way, possible confusion will be avoided.

Boat capacity

Another important aspect on this matter is the capacity of the boat, since depending on the number of people who will live the experience, the size of the boat will be one or the other. For this reason, it is important to know the number of people in advance.

Rent a luxury yacht and sail along the Costa del Sol

Now that what is needed to rent a boat… Why not rent one from Offshore Marbella? You will be able to sail in the best luxury yachts along the incredible Costa del Sol.

Some of our boats are: Mangusta 80, Bandido Yacht 90Princess F70, among others.

Do you want more information about it? Contact us now so that our team can help you and recommend the luxury yacht that best suits your preferences.