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deportes acuaticos en verano

What type of boat to rent to practice water sports in summer?

When it’s summer, you want more than ever to immerse yourself in adventures different from what we usually do the rest of the year and, even more, if these adventures are refreshing. For this reason, many people are encouraged to practice water sports.

At Offshore Marbella we are aware of this, for this reason we want to discover what type of boat to rent to practice water sports this summer.

The truth is that depending on the marine activity, one boat or another will have to be chosen, since for some sports speed is needed, for others the size is not very large, for others the characteristics do not matter, etc.

In our charter company in Marbella we have at your disposal a wide variety of models so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, such as: Sunseeker 68 sport yachtBandido Yacht 90, Princess F70, among others.

What types of water sports can be practiced in summer?

If you are also a person who loves adventures, pay attention to the water sports that can be practiced in summer.


If you are looking for a relaxing activity and you are a curious person you should practice snorkeling. To do this, you just have to put on some diving goggles, a tube and immerse yourself in the sea… You will see the wonderful marine species and all their surroundings!

Paddle surfing

Another idea that we propose is paddle surfing, especially if you are an adventurous person. It consists of moving through the water with a board. You’ll need to have good balance and arm strength to do this successfully.

Water skiing

Water skiing is the most traditional and fun sport you can do. To practice it you will place your feet on a board and you will have to maintain your balance while the boat drags you.

Trust our charter company to rent your yacht this summer

If you want to practice any of the water sports this summer mentioned, count on… Offshore Marbella!

We have a wide catalog of luxury yachts in Marbella so you can choose those that best suit your needs, those of your family and your friends.

Enjoy an incredible summer sailing along the fantastic Costa del Sol!

If you want more information on this matter or on any other, we recommend you contact us directly… We will be happy to assist you!